We coined the phrase:

Before we got established hear at our location I took the opportunity to learn what was mulch and what people were looking for.  I did my first grind in the back of an allotment where everyone there took brush.  We been making mulch from all natural composted wood material since than.  After year of grinding and composting we work out all the bugs littoral. By allowing the pile to heat up and turn it occasionally got rid of any bugs and weed seeds that no one wants.  Know the right mixture of wood and leaves we come up with a great product.

Know whats in mulch:

Since 2007 we became a class 4 compost facility  we only except yard wast.  No rail road ties dirt or skids.

premium brown mulch

Premium Brown

$12 Per Yard Special Price

premium dark brown mulch

Double Dark Premium Brown

$23 Per Yard Regular Price

All Dyed Mulch is $28 Per Yard

black dyed mulch

Black Dyed

red dyed mulch

Red Dyed

cocoa brown dyed mulch

Cocoa Brown Dyed