Full Service Fall Clean-up

Looking for a Full service Fall clean up company, we know why.  Fall is a great time of year, leaves are changing colors and site around a bomb fire with your friend enjoying the cool nights.  Than daylight saving time kick in and it dark by the time you get home. Now it raining out an there no time to work on your yard.  Have no fear B-sharp is hear when the leaves appear, we do full service leaf clean up.  Save time and don't break a sweat.

Our crew blow your leaves to a specified area of your yard using large push blowers combined with 770 echo back pack blowers get the stubborn leaves up and moving. Some Municipalities provide curbside leaf pickup too their residents.  B-Sharp Property Maintenance will get those leaves to the area where they can be picked up.  If your Municipalities do not offer this service our large curb side pick up truck come along and will haul them away.  When our crews are finished your yard can remain the best looking property on the block. 

Clean up Expectation

For Raking & Vacuuming: the surface upon which the leaves are piled will be raked and blown clean by B-Sharp Property Maintenance. While it is our goal to leave these areas cleaner than the rest of your yard however, a few lonely leaves may remain. NOTE: Decomposed or partially decomposed leaves can become buried under soil, grass, plants, rocks, etc. Under these circumstances, the decomposed leaves and dirt will not be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a quote for a fall clean up?

We do not give estmint on fall clean up.  All of our jobs are done you the man hour for blowing and by the minute to vacuum up the leaves.

Should I tip the Fall clean up crew?

Our workers can accept tips should you feel they have provided excellent service.

How do I pay?

You will be invoiced after your service has been completed. At which time you may mail in a check. We do accept credit card but a fee does apply when paying with a card.



The subsurface integrity of the Client’s driveway is always unknown. Therefore, B-Sharp Property Maintenance will not be held responsible for damages to the driveway resulting from heavy equipment and trucks.B-Sharp is not responsible for any damages to items in our work area such as retaining walls, lighting, electrical, water, or sprinklers.